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Craft cocktail catering from the hottest bartenders in Los Angeles.

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Hire a cocktail mixologist for craft cocktail catering, consulting or hosting a private cocktail class near you.

Cocktail Catering

Catering stunning cocktails, sophisticated spirits & superior hospitality with style.

Our Approach

By aspiring to affect as many of the five senses as possible, we make practical use of physical and chemical transformations combining social, artistic, and culinary components while always using the best possible spirits and ingredients when crafting our mixology cocktails.

Our Methods

We are experts at making classic cocktails the way they were originally intended, though we specilize in employing various gastronomic techniques to create avant-garde libations. The sky is the limit for our craft cocktails when combining elements like liquid nitrogen, n2o, fire, smoke, and emulsifiers with special tools like centrifuges, blowtorches, ISI, sous vide, infusers, foams, airs, and gels. Whether the resulting cocktails feature fancy flavored ice, translucent fresh juice or a good ole' fashioned fire, we feel that the real attraction at hand is the stylish and charming man or woman behind the bar that like some the world's best disc jockeys, know how to tend to the energy of the room. Our handpicked bartender's specialty is craft cocktail catering and mixology catering all over the Los Angeles area and anywhere else you'd invite us.

Our Strategy

Since every event is unique in its own way, we in like manner tailor our bartending services accordingly. Craft cocktail catering and selecting the perfect cocktail chef or mixologist is just the beginning - from a small soirée to 1000+ attendee events, we do all the necessary legwork to accommodate most any of our client's request. We do craft cocktail catering in Los Angeles, but we like to fly to other places, too.

Cocktail Consulting

Everyone needs a little advice now and then.

Commercial Consulting

N2 Mixology has consulted on numerous television commercials productions including Ciroc Vodka, Deleon Tequila, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Tanqueray Gin, Coca-Cola, and Grey Goose. We've also been featured multiple times in Angeleno Magazine, LA Weekly, Vice, and Imbibe.

Bar Menu Consulting

From doing a simple one-day training of staff on technique and spirits to curating the entire bar, N2 Mixology can enhance cocktail programs from start to finish. We have consulted for various bars including Springtime in Los Angeles, Rabbit Hole Bar in Pasadena, Southland in Torrance, The Gatsby in Austin, and Blood & Sand in St. Louis.

Cocktail Classes

Be like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

Type of Classes

We offer a variety of interactive group classes for parties, soirées, and corporate group building activities or competitions. Whether you are looking to learn a thing or two or just have a good time with your co-workers or friends, N2 Mixology classes are tailored to be a blast.

Our Approach

We do this providing each individual with their own solid set up of tools, spirits, mixers, and garnishes. After starting with a crash course on the history and fundamentals of cocktails, we solidify it all by all making some classics together before having everyone rolling up their sleeves and get down to business. Where it goes from there depends solely on your group! Most classes are held in private residences or restaurant dining rooms since a proper after-class dinner is almost certain. Most of our cocktail classes are in Los Angeles, but we like flying.

Past Students

Some of our past cocktail class clients in Los Angeles include NBC-Universal, Yelp, Fandango, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Hulu and Red Bull. While we do offer advanced one-on-one training, we do not offer beginner bartending classes at this time.

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Meet Us

Our Roots

Niko Novick has conspired to create an unforgettable cocktail event experience by implementing fresh and sometimes unexpected ingredients from local markets, combining innovative modernism while preserving the original cocktail golden age quality, style, and class.

Since 2010 he has been spearheading superb bars at major events like South by Southwest, Sundance Film Festival, and Vanity Fair’s Oscar after-party. In addition, N2 Mixology has consulted on numerous commercials including Ciroc Vodka’s 2015 campaign, as well as implementing cocktail programs at a handful of bars in Los Angeles.

In addition to being featured in the LA Times, LA Weekly, Vice, Punch, the daytime talk show “The Doctors,” Univision’s morning news, and the newly created "Mix: LA", Niko Novick was featured in the November 2015 issue of Angeleno Magazines annual “Modern Man” series.

Our Team

Since a trained monkey can be taught to make a drink, we all believe that passion and tip-top service are the key ingredients to every cocktail. All team members are hand-picked career bartenders with impressive pedigrees. In addition to having deep roots in the bar and craft cocktail industry, we've worked at all the cool bars from LA to Tokyo.

Here's a little list of some of them:

  • The Violet Hour, Chicago
  • The Varnish, Los Angeles
  • Old Lightning, Los Angeles
  • The Dead Rabbit, New York
  • Employees Only, New York
  • Old Fashioned, Barcelona
  • Mastros, Beverly Hills
  • South Water Kitchen, Chicago
  • Scopa Italian Roots, Los Angeles
  • Nightjar, London
  • Dominick's, Beverly Hills
  • Tasting Kitchen, Venice
  • Boom Boom Room, New York
  • Death and Co, New York
  • Gjelina, Venice
  • 69 Colebrook Row, London
  • Runway Waiters, Los Angeles


All the usual suspects.

Our Clents

We have a wide range of clients that we cater to. One of our favorite regular clients is P Diddy. Check out P Diddy's favorite cocktail on Vogue's 73 questions as Niko makes him a cocktail. Click here to see the video.

Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life's problems.

— Matt Groening