“The hottest trend in cocktails uses a shaker full of science.”



Since its conception by the worlds top chemists and mixologist, craft cocktails and molecular mixology has quickly morphed into a way a drinking with no going back.

Making practical use of physical and chemical transformations combining social, artistic, and culinary components while always using the best liquor and only the freshest ingredients. Science never looked so good!

We do this by aspiring to affect as many of the five senses as possible using various methods to create avant-garde libations with elements like liquid nitrogen, N2O infusions, foams, airs, gels, dry ice, flavored ice, smoke, and fire characterized with tools like smoke guns, centrifuges, blowtorches, ISI, sous vide vacuum sealers all done with the highest standards by respected cocktail and spirit professionals that are constantly keeping up-to-date and setting the newest cocktail trends using an endless gallery of infusion possibilities. The sky is the limit!

N2 Mixology has recruited each bartender from some of the best bars in the country to create an “A-Team” of eclectic bartenders that are all sophisticated, passionate, and each have the ability to captivate guests with their on-the-spot tailored concoctions.

Since every event is unique in its own way, we in like-manner tailor our services accordingly- from creating custom cocktails to selecting the perfect craft mixologist. Whether you’re hosting a small soiree or a large event, we do all the leg work to accommodate most any of our clients requests.


N2 Mixology has cocktail consulted on numerous television commercials and productions including Ciroc Vodka, Coca Cola, Blue Moon, and Grey Goose. N2 Mixology is represented by Affiliated Property Craftspersons- IATSE Local 44. Email info@n2mixology.com for more information.


From training staff on technique and spirits to creating craft cocktail menus, N2 Mixology uses proven methods for enhancing cocktail programs from start to finish. We have consulted for various bars including Rabbit Hole Bar in Pasadena, Southland Bar in Torrance, The Gatsby in Austin, and Blood & Sand in St. Louis.


We offer a variety of interactive group classes for parties, soirées, and corporate group building activities/competitions. Whether you are looking to learn a thing or two or just have a good time with your friends, N2 Mixology classes are tailored accordingly.

We do this by starting with a crash course on the fundamentals of craft cocktails, throw a few molecular components to the mix, solidify it with a few common examples before having everyone roll up their sleeves and get down to business! With all liquid nitrogen, fire, delicious drinks, lubricated guests, and high-energy instructors, we have yet to have one disappointed client!

Past client include NBC-Universal, Fandango, Google, and Red Bull.

While we do offer advanced one-on-one training, we are not offering beginner bartending classes at this time.